I’ve started and stopped my first blog post at least a dozen times.  I wasn’t sure what to say or what message I wanted to give.  My hope is to have a blog that inspires others. I want to share my story, my experiences; maybe help others see the greatness in themselves and definitely laugh at my bloopers and find humor in their own.  I needed a really great FIRST POST.  I’ve been agonizing over the “perfect topic” that would scream:

“Here I am!  I’ve got something exceptionally wonderful you need to read!  I’m making my debut!”  

I wanted to dazzle.  I wanted to be confident and sound like I had it all figured out! I realized that I was trying too hard to “DO” and not allowing myself to just “BE”. The truth is, I don’t have anything truly exceptional or groundbreaking to share. So if you’re looking for that close your browser or click to move on. I won’t claim to know anything I don’t and I’m not going to sell you on any beliefs that I can “fix” your life.  I don’t have the secret to life or the answers to all the problems. I don’t have the magic formula to happiness or the key to success. I’m just a regular woman; a lady…who listens to her heart, believes every day is the chance to be better than the day before and hopes that every encounter with every unique person that crosses my path, I see the value in the lesson gained or shared.

So who am I?

It would be easy at any given moment, to be defined by several of my roles.  I am a small business owner, a wife, a mother, a community volunteer and leader.  I am a friend, daughter, sister…see where I’m going?  This constant juggling of roles does not make me really any different than most women.  The average woman wears multiple hats throughout her day, and often, she’s wearing more than one hat a time.  Let’s face it, we have a lot going on! Those are our “titles”, but they do not have to define who we are as a person.

Who I am is how I choose to be present.  I choose how I navigate throughout my day and where I want to put my time and energy.  I recognize my own strengths and talents, embrace them, and take stock that my unique gifts and life purpose do not negate anyone else’s nor should others’ strengths and/or talents devalue mine.   I am a strong, compassionate woman, who values life long learning and growth.  I believe in the potential of all people and the amazing gifts that each unique individual possesses.  I am driven, dedicated and passionate about self empowerment.  I am a woman that knows my purpose and lives authentically in how I show up, support others and share my gifts.

It wasn’t always that way.  I once believed that I had to be all to everyone in order to have value, success or happiness.  I found myself contorting into all types of expectations and ideas of what I needed to be, based on my interpretations of others. I was in constant “who does this person need me to be?” mode.  I got lost in understanding who I was really meant to be.  I felt frustrated, burnt out, disappointed, and exhausted.  I found myself in complete despair; broken.  I wasn’t managing life well at all.  My business was struggling.  My marriage was failing.  My children weren’t getting the best mother (at least not the mother I wanted to be!).  My life was out of control. Yet, I smiled and carried on as if I was completely content with all that was happening around me; inside…I wanted to run away.

If we live our lives in the constant chase of the “ideal woman”, rather than owning who we are and who we are meant to be…we never fully unlock those divine gifts and unique talents that are meant to be OUR PURPOSE.  One day I recognized this “fire in my belly” desire to stand up for myself and what I believed in.  It was more important to me to share my passion, live at the cause of my life and not fall into my “circumstances”.  I decided to step off the path of who I thought everyone wanted me to be and create my own path that took me in the direction I knew was meant just for me!  I looked within and asked myself what I needed to do to love myself.  What needed to happen for me to wake up every day and feel like I was the woman I wanted to be?  What would my day look like so that I could crawl into bed at night feeling proud of myself?  Through those questions, I was able to really identify my own values and self-worth.  I could make daily choices on how I wanted to show up in life.  I put myself back in the drivers seat of MY life.

IMG_2060My life mission is to live authentically using my innate desire to be the best version of myself and constant need to grow, learn and share to accomplish helping others define and reach their own success.  I believe in doing so, I, though just an ordinary lady, can make a difference.


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