If someone would have told me a couple years ago, I’d be coaching and training a room full of police officers and new recruits on professionalism and effective “business” practices, I would have laughed and laughed. I would have told you all the reasons why that wouldn’t happen, all the things I would need to do to make something like that happen, but all the things that would get in the way of allowing that to happen. I would have told you that it sounded amazing, and meaningful and that I’d love to do it. But, I would have told you why I couldn’t.

That was until I started down my own path of being coached and seeing how coaching transforms you to remove limits, tear down barriers, build confidence and recognize your own passions, strengths, talents and gifts! When I started owning my story, working towards my dreams and stopped telling myself “no” and started asking myself “how?” that’s when the magic happened.

Today, I stood in a room, filled with officers, and they were looking to ME to help them remove those barriers so they could empower themselves to be the officers and professionals they knew they could be. I was told that they wanted to be known as INFORMED, HELPFUL, SERVICE-MINDED, PROTECTIVE, INTELLIGENT, CARING, THOROUGH, the list goes on and on. I helped show them that they are ALREADY those things, they just have to have the confidence to show up that way in all their actions as professionals!

Today, I saw a shift. I saw passion ignited, confidence lifted, the inspiring…inspired. That was powerful, that was meaningful, that is my calling.

Today, I watched my own dreams come true.

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